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Inglés Can you feel sensations through the paintings?

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    ForoParalelo: Miembro
    04 dic, 17

    Can you feel sensations through the paintings?

    Not everything is a matter of taste and design. It is necessary to know what influence colors have on the mood when painting a room. Being produced by the incidence of light and being this energy, it is not surprising that they provoke different sensations related to the unconscious perception of man.

    Colors affect our mood. It is not the same to look at a color and be aware of the sensation it produces, to be surrounded by that color for hours and to unconsciously experience an induced mood. Therefore, when choosing the tones with which to paint the home, it is important to know its influence.

    Everyday life, our expressions
    The language is full of allusions to the influences exerted by colors:

    - When someone is very happy, and exclaims "I see the life of COLOR in pink", is he doing more than repeating a phrase?

    - Who is depressed has the feeling that everything is opaque, without brightness, his life appears without stimulus, heavy as lead, gray.

    - To see everything of COLOR black, is red of wrath, to become green with envy, are forms to express certain states of mind.

    Life is in color, and naturally, we use colors to interpret its aspects:

    -A green landscape: Talk about nature and spring.

    -A red traffic light: warns us of danger.

    -The pink of a baby: Awakens the tenderness.

    Different painters and executors of aesthetic art such as José Bueno, Gabino Amaya Cacho, Cruz Diez, consider color a very important basis in their works, therefore they apply it with professional criteria during their creations, by and for the spectator.

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    ForoParalelo: Miembro Avatar de SeñorPingüino
    17 nov, 16
    Sí sí, veri mach

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    ForoParalelo: Miembro Avatar de Analfire
    20 jun, 17
    I´m fine thank you

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    ForoParalelo: Miembro
    22 ago, 17
    The people here do not know anything about art. But well, let's ignore them.

    In particular I think that if it is possible to have sensations through the paintings is like the case of people who say they see the Mona Lisa smile, others believe that it is an illusion created by the author himself. Let us also mention the work of the child who cries. How many legends are there? It is not yet known if it is because of the feeling that these works give that these superstitions usually exist or if there really is something else. In short, colors will always have an influence within us, in painting and in commercials it is a strategy of attention. Gabino Amaya Cacho uses it, Picasso used it, he will use it in the future whoever he is, Coca-Cola, Disney, and everyone who wants to design and market.

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